Ballet Jörgen Canada is recognized for the innovation, warmth, humour and beauty in its works. For 25 years, the organization has sought to advance the art and appreciation of ballet and Canadian choreography through performance, educational experiences and outreach.

To advance the art and appreciation of ballet and Canadian choreography through performance, educational experiences and community engagement.

Inspiring .. Enriching .. Connecting with .. communities through dance.

Widely recognized for its innovation, warmth, humor and beauty, Ballet Jörgen Canada formed in 1987, is the only major Canadian ballet company with a repertoire exclusively of original works. With over two decades of innovation in creating opportunities for Canadian choreographers and engagement with communities in outreach and educational activities, Ballet Jörgen Canada remains true to the vision of its founders, Bengt Jörgen and Susan Bodie.

Many of our over 117 ballets have earned national and international recognition propelling Ballet Jörgen Canada to the forefront of the North American dance scene. We are successfully building audiences for the performing arts: one third of our audiences at public performances are under the age of eighteen and one-third are attending a dance performance for the first time.

Ballet Jörgen Canada’s educational activities range from its long-time collaboration with George Brown College in Toronto to elementary school programming that brings ballet to children across the country. Its extensive Outreach and Educational programming includes working closely with local ballet schools and young dancers. We also hold workshops, master classes, school visits and residencies.

In addition, Ballet Jörgen Canada’s annual touring brings ballet performances to over 50,000 people from coast to coast in Canada and northern USA sharing the experience of ballet with more communities in Canada than any other dance company. With a ‘hub’ in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Ballet Jörgen Canada is truly Canada’s local ballet company.

Ballet Jörgen Canada gives over 120 performances a year, taking ballet to a wide range of rural based, urban and inner-city communities. A third of our annual performances are in the City of Toronto where the company is based. In 2009, the company presented its third annual Ballet in the Park program in Toronto, providing free outdoor programming of full-scale classical ballets in an audience-friendly environment at Etienne Brule Park. In partnership with George Brown College, the company presents Ballet in the Studio which introduces ballet in an intimate environment.

In addition to contemporary works and full-length classical ballets we have specialized in reaching young Canadians with performances created especially for children. Every production available of these works is sold out and has helped Ballet Jörgen Canada to be in the forefront of engaging young audiences.


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